Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tag...You're It!

I've been tagged by Debbie from The Beat of My Art to list 8 weird or not weird things about myself. So, if you leave me a comment consider yourself tagged! Oh, come on - it'll be fun. Just list 8 weird or not weird things about yourself on your blog if you like. I have to admit, this way way harder to do than I thought it would be!

1. I am an absolute soccer addict - especially MLS, English Premier League and, of course, my daughter's team!

2. My favorite snack food is popcorn.

3. For my third or fourth Christmas, I asked Santa for a complete football outfit. Santa responded with a football helmet, shoulder pads and jersey. Can you tell I was a tomboy?

4. I adore musicals written by Stephen Sondheim.

5. I once slept on the floor of a phone booth in Monte Carlo - it was actually more like a closet. There were no rooms to be had anywhere, and the innkeeper rented the floor of the "booth" to me and my friend. We were young - it was an adventure!

6. For those of you who only know me from my website...I worked as a professional musician for about 12 years after grad school and played rehearsals for the CSO Chorus, Chicago Opera Theater and Ravinia Festival.

7. Did I mention I love soccer? Oops.

8. I was blond, blond, blond - until I was about 4. You'd never know it now.

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Debbie Egizio said...

Hi Val, So fun to read about you. I love popcorn too, absolutely LOVE it!! Hey and I was blonde for most of my life also. My hair actually got very dark in the past 5 years. It's so weird. Anyway, thanks for sharing all of this with us. I'm so fascinated by your phone booth adventure. That couldn't have been too comfortable.